Parallel lives (LP)

by FOO

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Released exclusively as a 180g limited edition vinyl, Parallel lives (Onarama Records, 2014) breathes from the sinergy of psychedelic rock, lighted by spurious rays of garage. Fuzz sound, electric vibration and echoing sounding landscapes, obtained due to the live recording of the LP.

    Parallel lives, is definetely the album that starts a new point for FOO, and you can enjoy the mojo listening songs like the etereal "Savoire faire", the powerful "Amazement", the bright "The Rain" or "One day, three cities", and a universe of psychedelic colours in "Chinese Pyramids (acid jam)".

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Our new release, PARALLEL LIVES, captures the band metamorphosis, it's a music space where every sounding element has its place. It's been something unique, impossible to repeat, because it was recorded live in a factory in Gracia (Barcelona) neighborhood. This factory it's been transformed in a recording studio, to get an special ambient with lots of natural reverbs coming from industrial rooms, full of delays and 70's fuzz to squeeze your mind and your ears.
Kind of a mix between yesterday and today, and tomorrow as well, an spiritual essence has been captured into the tracks, building our own character and personality with all the work of this last 5 years devoted to music, rolling, flowing and dreaming to get the chance, or to die trying.
Back in production is again Marc Molas. This record has been made roughly in two days, the band playing together in “live” mode, to overcome our own limits another time, love and hate passions have been equally spread within us, but it is the only way to get our sound flowing.
This was born painfully, but with the smile in our face we burn the tires and the nights on the road, sleeping less, playing a lot, “drinkgym”, losing money, finding our dignity and at the end of the way the light, if it is there. A new tour in the spanish “Peninsula” will last from the end of the summer until the cold December.

This good boy, PARALLEL LIVES, will be released in a limited vinyl edition, for the posers, in a deserved homage to the years of authentic rock and in a digital release for the sons of the new era.
Tracks like Amazement or Savoir Faire will show a raw sound coming from improvisation and lots of awake hours. This record spans from typical 70s sound, a 90s personality, noise and ambients are interconnected and mixed with the most direct rock and finally the surf-rock flashes completely unseen. Sharp guitars and “c'mon” with the mouth half closed.
Heard the record, drink to glasses and heard it again to an insane volume. You will feel part of FOO.


released November 7, 2014

Produced by FOO & Marc Molas
Reorded & mixed by Marc Molas at El Rusc/Barcelona between June and October 2014
Mastered by Marc Molas at El Rusc/Barcelona
All songs published by Onarama Records
All songs written & played by FOO
Cover & Art design by J. Enjuanes & Dani Martínez



all rights reserved


FOO Lleida, Spain

Young dreamers lifes. Exciting echos of 90's rhythm. Overflow of fresh air and a wide variety of colours in a cavern world.
Originally born prematurely in the city of the mist. FOO are two brothers and their friends. They met in old times, between musical empathy and lack of oniric experiences.
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Track Name: Whisky breakfast
Lonely streets I wonder,
yellow sunday lights.
I follow your messages
written on the wall.

Drawing songs I can't sing
laying in the sand.
I never reach them nor the clouds of Genghis Khan.

Life's just I ride
and we almost end.

time flyies here we remain.
Ain't it good to love again.
All this good and band memories
they soon will disappear,
like tears in the rain.
We are stood at the top of the hill,
look the fools at the final scene,
it's called whiskey breakfast.

Grey stairways you are
longer than my life
I sit in silence
waiting for the storm.

Track Name: Those that die young
I always win the races 'cause I still keep on running.
I never stop or ever ask where this slipping road will lead me,
I (just) go on.

Many by my side,
I called for help nobody called me back.
The loudest/heaviest sound,
the biggest crowd
but in between you feel alone.

You follow the shepard of the blinding green eyes,
it's not what you need is what you let it out.

This is my moment don't you see?
It is like I am on the crest of the biggest wave
you've ever seen.
this is only once in a life'

We didn't blow the changing winds
to hoist the sails is in your hands.
The wave's is coming now
let's surf or sink
some gods like those that die young.

I see the money is back on the temple
but it's empty now.
In your house your programmed task
buys you a ticket to promise land.

Let's do a toast for life
as tomorrow we will die.
Big city lights,
long empty streets,
memories of heroes of the working class.

I'd rather be wrong another million times
than waiting forever for a second chance.


you will never find me on those that die young
fortune's for the brave
I keep my faith in the young
Track Name: Camouflage
Crawling again to the same destination it's up to me.
Face to face all the human frustrations,
and i'm getting high.

Here it goes, is the veil in my eyes, I can't feel what you feel.
Yes I won, my own raise and fall, I end up on a cage out of my demons.
Now I'm counting the days, prior to my liberation, can smell freedom from here.
Destiny says, boy you don't have election, I have never try to change
I do camouflage.
Track Name: Amazement
Late hours can turn mad your voice
found myself in a beach club
looking for rock and roll

In this part of the city
I haven't been in a long time
the paquis gave me some beers
they grabbed it from the filthy ground.

"Beer, hash or cocaine?"
Well I don't know just what to say
then I saw the cops
payed by the night clubs.

You've got to be yourself sometimes
you put the hood on to look like a bad boy
and they kick your ass.

Darling, aren't you satisfied?
Don't worry for me I haven't slept for a while.
Any reason to stand by me,
It's not the drugs I'm getting high cause I have fever.

I read you a poem down the arch
I brought you a rose from the backstreet
was dried and withered rose
Honey, I don't give a shit.
Track Name: My new friend
We have come from far, on a one way trip.
We saved our ass by the laws we skip
then we got in a fight in the Negro's street.
Now we are ready for fun
but everybody here dances alone.

Easy to bump the sights
I don't what they mean.
My friend gave a smile, with calcium in his checks.
I calmly expose the plan, he didn't even know what I mean
but he nodded it's alright,

and everybody plays the game alone

Then I heard kill'em
I turn my head and on your new face
your blessing innocence.
There is blood combing my hair
I should quit this bad companies.

The wheel spins again.
I drunk the hate poison,
poison crushing my head.

Now I forgot the way
he spoke to me
but everybody said
"he was kind and sweet"
that's enough for me.

Where are you my new friend?
I though that we were so different
I'm sorry my friend
We had too much things to say
Somedays I wish I get back this little kind of happiness.

Now you are far away
a message I have to convey

Were are you my new friend?
Were are you chodu man?
Track Name: One day, three cities
I lost my swing,
I focus on my things all day.
I met my friend,
we didn't have much to say.

Long distances may change your mind,
no matter what I'm felling the same.
You know that I can't sleep at night
I'm hearing all the songs I've made.

Sometimes it's hard
to have fun without something else.
I thought I had quit the booze at my age
No I've never smoke a full cigarette, like my friend
and now he did it
someway we are growing up.

The days are shorter
I'm a bit confused
when it comes I see the sunset
feels like I'm going to die soon.
You know my superstitions,
you know all my dreams too.
It's only when you are leaving
that I'll know if I loved you
but I've gotta go now

One day, three cities, a thousand miles away.
I wrote your name
I've forgotten how my writing is.

Sometimes its hard
to have fun without something else.
I thought I had quit the booze at my age
No I've never smoke a full cigarerte, like my friend
and now he did it
someway we are growing up.


I'm gonna tell you somehow:
girl, I may love you.
Oh I should hurry up
because I know you are leaving soon.
Only in the mirror
your eyes can look at you.
Only in your tears
I saw myself as something more than me.
Track Name: The rain
Why, sweet baby, why?
Don't you forget the night that everybody talks,
there's rain on your heart.

So, please, dude, don't be shy!
She said to me, she wanted a lot of sex,
but I was drunk that night.

Good bye, I'm going home, I feel alone.
Everybody thinks that I'm strong,
and everybody thinks that I'm wrong,
but everybody knows that you and I
feel rain alike.

Lights into my eyes,
thousands of miles in front of me,
but I always miss you girl.

So, please, dude, don't be shy!
She said to me, she wanted a lot of sex,
but I was drunk that night.

Track Name: Call of the wild
I know you trying to change the world.
You will never work it out.
You don't do what you believe
you don't believe (in) what you've done.

The world is turning
you're feet chained to the past.
You've got the ears of the wolf,
the night is howling

the call of the wild.
I took a solitary trip
I let civilization to fall
I found a beautiful way to die
when I left all behind.

Your friend waits for you at home
no conversation at all.
Time for a fast soviet dinner
back to the prison's man,

but the room is empty
your eyes fixed to the wall
thinking how to break the bars

with the force of will.
I took a solitary trip
I let civilization to fall
You'll found a new way to live your life
when you leave all behind

I found enlightenment by the burning of my institutions.
I searched through the ashes new prayers for me.
They still stare us from the TV tower
unnamed constellations witness my destiny.
Track Name: Remorseless
It's kind of a mess
you heat up the meal,
but you store it in the fridge,
like in my city it easier to see a bridge
than the river fish.

I went to a show
a handful of people.
Today you claim
"No big bands anymore"
while in your car is playing
the station with all this old records.

She drinks a full bottle of milk,
you said you don't like her anymore.
In the shadows you love her secretly
as everybody does.

You won't have kids,
you have bought a new dog
even with your cat we get on well
but there is no one to play.

A brand new shop of cupcakes,
I don't care.
Dead man have no friends oh yeah/ it's remorseless.

Track Name: Chinese pyramids (acid jam)
As I try to move forward,
whenever reality shows me otherwise.
Now, my only hope
is to overlook that men I thought I would be.
You can bring it out,
buy I will feel down, keeping me in the dark.
I try, I try, to move forward
when I feel peace of mind.
Some place in a land of bravery
nothing is what it seems.
Something runs through the mystery.
Close your eyes and you'll see furthermore
the shadows enhancing.

Younger man,
now it's the time of death and glory again,
and feel all the senses betray
someone who drew a deep breath,
being aware of before,
before wandering through all the roads
gobbling their hops, Oh
on a lonely shot.
Track Name: Amazement (Single track from Parallel lives)
Seguros de estar perdiendo el tiempo en busca de títulos universitarios y currículums de excelencia, en 2008 decidimos olvidar aquello que nos enseñaron en los colegios católicos y juntarnos a tocar rock del bueno, o del malo, ese que inunda nuestras cabezas de electricidad y desquicio. Así acabamos en una cocina grabando nuestra primera maqueta, cocinando un puñado de canciones indecentes que, sin pies ni cabeza, nos invitaban a buscar escenarios, seguros de hacer lo poco que podíamos y sabíamos hacer, sedientos de rock y carretera. En busca de nuestro rincón en la escena musical, recorrimos bares y baretos y nos presentamos a todos los concursos posibles y en todos fuimos rechazados e ignorados como Yoko Ono.

MARC MOLAS, productor y dueño del sello discográfico ONARAMA RECORDS, sello underground donde los haya, siendo jurado de uno de esos concursos que nos negaba la entrada, decidió conocernos y abrirnos las puertas de su estudio para grabar nuestro primer LP: ELENIN. Nos recibió en una mañana resacosa de ojos turbios y boca seca, perfumado el ambiente de whisky y humedad, en un estudio mezcla de natural y torrefacto: EL TOSTADERO.
Comenzaban entonces nuestras vidas paralelas, guiados por los conocimientos de un melómano integral que nos arropó con vinilos, amplificadores y un gato. En pocas semanas nos encerrábamos para la preproducción, luego la grabación y un proceso de mezcla muy largo que dejaba atrás el sonido roto de las maquetas y buscaba plasmar por fin un material aun más roto de una banda joven y primeriza, lleno de sonidos eléctricos noventeros, fruto del rock británico que nos afianzó como músicos, nos conformó como una familia y nos permitió descubrir, poco a poco, nuestro propio sonido sucio y valvular a partes iguales.
Fue una experiencia intensa, llena de emociones y contradicciones que nos fue transformando y dio paso a la primera gira por la península. En el recorrido de esta, rodando carreteras secundarias y caminos polvorientos, descubrimos la esencia de nuestro sonido bolo a bolo, cada vez que nos encontrábamos tocando en una barra americana o en bares decadentes, frente a bukovskianos personajes de noches incansables que incluso llegaban a cohibirnos, en un principio, para luego dejar salir en cada canción lo más “fuck” de nosotros, dejándonos la piel sobre las tablas, aprendiendo que un concierto nunca acaba hasta que comienza el siguiente y que es el directo lo que calma esa sed de rock. Paseamos nuestras guitarras por Madrid, León, Valencia, Monzón, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Terrassa, Lleida, Castellón, Pamplona, Vic, Torelló, Tarragona, y un largo etc. Bolos, bolos y más noches sin dormir. Hicimos nuestros primeros amigos durante estas giras, compartiendo escenario y algo más con Peachy Joke, Pull My Strings, Julieta Jones e incluso unos jovencísimos Salvaje Montoya. La gira de nuestro primer álbum se cerró en una fiesta organizada en la sala de arte el Niu, en Poblenou. Más culturetas, imposible.

Borrachos de experiencias psicodélicas quisimos cerrar esta etapa de arraigamiento en un nuevo EP “THE RAIN” con cara b que nos llevó de gira de nuevo por la península, acabándola en un intenso bolo en Be Good junto a Wiggum, e introduciéndonos en pequeños festivales, obligándonos a hacernos ver en el Vall Sonora, LSD festival, Harley Davidson Days, etc, y fichando con Porompopero. THE RAIN, editado en formato digital y grabado totalmente en directo en EL TOSTADERO, sin saberlo, se convertiria en el preámbulo de nuestro segundo álbum. Conseguimos llevar nuestro sonido del directo al EP, convirtiéndolo en una especie de rock independiente con sonido garagero y matices psicodélicos, o eso es lo que nos explicó un señor que nos vio de bolo en Tudela antes de contarnos que en su juventud tocaba el sitar.

Nuestro nuevo trabajo, PARALLEL LIVES, es un álbum testigo de la metamorfosis de la banda donde se hace por fin patente el lugar de cada elemento sonoro. Un material irrepetible, grabado en directo en una fábrica del barrio de Gràcia (Barcelona) convertida en estudio para conseguir un ambiente único cargado de reverbs naturales del espacio industrial, plagado de deelays y fuzzs setenteros que consiguen saturar la mente y los tímpanos. Una mezcla del ayer, el hoy y el mañana de una esencia espiritual con personalidad y carácter propio, fruto del esfuerzo, el sacrificio y la entrega a la música tras cinco años rodando y trabajando para conseguirlo, o para fallecer en el intento. Repitiendo bajo la producción de Marc Molas, el disco ha sido grabado a groso modo en dos días y con toda la banda en “live” para poder superarnos una vez más, para poder amarnos y odiarnos a partes iguales, y porque es la única manera de conseguir la fluidez en nuestro sonido.
Después de un parto doloroso pero satisfactorio, volvemos a quemar ruedas y noches en la carretera, dormir poco, tocar mucho, bebercio, perder dinero y encontrar la dignidad, además de la luz al final del camino, si es que existe, en una gira por la península que se alargará desde el final del verano hasta el frío diciembre. Nuestro legítimo hijo, PARALLEL LIVES, se presenta en vinilo de edición limitada, para los posturetas, merecido homenaje a los años del verdadero rock, y en digital para los hijos de la era moderna. Temas como Amazement o Savoir faire evidencian un sonido crudo fruto de la improvisación y las horas de sueño echadas al traste. Es un trabajo que abarca sonidos procedentes de la década de los 70, con un carácter marcadamente 90’s, donde se entremezclan los ruidos y las composiciones ambientales con el rock más directo e imprediciblemente surfero, de guitarras afiladas y algún que otro “c’mon” a desganas. Escuchadlo, tomad dos copas, y escuchadlo de nuevo a volumen infernal, os sentiréis parte de FOO.